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According to CliffsNotes, The Great Gatsby, published in 1925, is hailed as one of the foremost pieces of American fiction of its time. This novel reflects many aspects of the 1920s. There are many similarities between Fitzgerald and both Carraway and Gatsby, such as his life in the military and his love life. Gatsby, one of the main characters, is a man who wishes to be wealthy. Carraway is the narrator of the novel, and is Gatsbys only friend.

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Nick Carraway’s name was chosen carefully by Fitzgerald to add to the development of his character. The meaning of the name Nicholas is ‘victorious people;’ the meaning of the surname Carraway is ‘dweller at, or near the road by the front’ ( Fitzgerald selected the name Nicholas because Nick survives throughout the story and is a very dynamic character. He learns a lot and is able to see past the bad in people and see the good. The surname Carraway is chosen because Nick was in the war.

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Gatsby pursues wealth in order to win over his one love. Fitzgerald lived a life similar to the main characters in his novel, The Great Gatsby. Many characteristics of the 1920s are incorporated into the novel. There are many similarities between the 1974 film of The Great Gatsby, with Robert Redford and Mia Farrow, and the novel as well as a few differences. Therefore, The Great Gatsby is a great American novel with a historical overview, biographical overview, and a development of main characters.

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