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The author is the first speaker of the book. He seems patient, witty, and intellectual. Martel’s descriptive language shows that he is a deep thinker. The story the author hears about Pi supposedly will make him believe in God. Mr. Patel’s two majors in college are zoology and religion.

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We can infer that Richard Parker is not a human. Pi states that the worst part is that he can hardly remember what his mother looks like. We find out that Pi’s mother has died. Pi is sixteen years old when he and his family move to Canada. The narrator is surprised that Pi has two children.

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Pi is still an intellectual boy; however his intelligence now based on experience rather than on books. According to Pi, when one is faced with continual terror they are replaced with numbness and completely give up. The orange whistle is the only thing that “remain[s] between [Pi] and death” because Pi lost a lot of items in the storm, and the whistle is the only thing left that will control Richard Parker. Pi praises Allah when he sees lightning. This is because he is happy and excited about it.

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