The Maasai Mara Game Reserve in Africa

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The story that ensues is a description from the point of view of a tourist. He went on an expedition (better known as an ‘African Safari’) during July to witness the famed “Great Migration” from Kenya into the Serengeti in neighboring Tanzania in search of ‘Greener  Pastures’ every year. is a game park found in Africa, in the country known as Kenya.

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Seeing, as it is that the Mara is a game Park, a grave slight would have been committed were the wildlife ignored. So, what animals would one encounter in the Mara? Among others would be the Big Cats chiefly prides of lions and lionesses with their cubs, strolling lazily but majestically across the jungle, the fierce leopards and fast cheetahs.

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London: Oxford University Press, 1996.Caro, Tim. Behavioral Ecology and conservation Biology. London: Oxford University Press, 1998. .

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