The Main Themes of Beowulf

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Good and Evil- The entire poem of Beowulf deals with the battle of . good verses evil, good being Beowulf, his followers, Hrothgar, and . Hrothgar's people, and evil being Grendel, Grendel's mother, and the . In this poem the power of good overcomes all the evils, but . not without the lose of life. These lives include that of Beowulf, . Aeschere, and many of Hrothgar's people. The clashing of good and evil .

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It was built by the king as a place his people could go . to so they could celebrate victory. It was a reward for his people's . It was because of the happiness and celebration in this place . the Grendel reached havoc on it for twelve years. Light and Darkness- Light is symbolic of good and all that is good, . while darkness is symbolic of evil and all that is evil. battles Beowulf fought, against Grendel and his mother, took place in . the dark, in an evil setting.

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difference is that Beowulf goes of on an adventure while Odysseus is . merely trying to return home. In The Odyssey the Gods are often talked . Although in Beowulf God is also talked about, his character is . not developed to the extent that the Gods are developed to in The . Finally in The Odyssey the monsters are stumbled upon by . chance by Odysseus, while in Beowulf, the monsters are being sought . out by the hero.

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The battle of religions begins around the middle of the story when Beowulf battles Grendel’s Mother.It would seem that the monk’s pagan beliefs are beginning to overpower his Christian beliefs; there is a noticeable difference in the amount of Christian influence versus the amount of pagan influence being used in this portion of the text.The beginning consists of Grendel listening in on the Danes singing about the creation of the earth and man by the almighty ruler or God.This section of the text was the beginning of the religious battle inside of the monk; this struggle becomes more evident as the story goes on.The end of the religious war comes at the battle with the dragon when paganism seems to have won and leaves Beowulf to die.

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