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Why Study Children? Responsibility for children is part of everyday life as parent, professional, and/or responsible citizen.Responsible citizenship B. The study of children’s development enables us to understand how humans change as they grow up as well as to understand forces that contribute to that change. C. The study of child development enables us to benefit from understanding our own development and to provide understandings that will help us in our personal lives and rearing our own children. The study of child development enables us to benefit from understanding our own development and to provide understandings that will help us in our personal lives and rearing our own children.

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Have them form groups of three and four, and encourage them to share their ideas and argue their points of view. Circulate among the groups to listen to their discussions and possibly deal with difficulties or confusions they are having with the assignment. When students turn the assignments in, again have them form groups to discuss the exercises. This time the objective is for each group to reach a consensus on the answers. Allow about 10 minutes for this activity, then poll the group to find out what each thought was the best answer.

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(b) What are the traits/characteristics that you think describe the ideal person in order to have a successful culture or civilization? Describe what you would hope your child or children would grow up to be like. In Chapter 1 Santrock indicates that many parents learn parenting practices from their parents. He continues to say that some practices are accepted and others discarded and when strategies are passed from one generation to the next that both desirable and undesirable practices are perpetuated. Identify the parenting practices that you recall from your childhood (a) those that you would perpetuate and (b) those that that you would discard.

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