The Origins Of The Modern World History Essay

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Wonderful synthesis of recent scholarship on Rise of the West literature with an economic and ecological focus. Uses Global Historical Context to address most issues addressed in the Modern World History course. Teacher background . Use isolated quotes/ chapters for all levels . Review book at end of AP curriculum for review .. How did industry and European-style countries called nation-states-rather than highly developed agrarian empires like China and India-come to define our world?

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Seen from another perspective, Europeans, at one-fifth of the world’s population in 1775, shared production of one-fifth of the world’s goods with Africans and Americans. Asia thus had the most productive economies in the three centuries after 1500.” (p. 81) . Concepts addressed in chapter: . Imperial expansion Russia (4x), China(2x), Ottoman, Safavid and Mughal . Decreased nomadic influence .

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1900 stop but examples go beyond that year . Time jumping within periods (ex. of peasant rebellions) . China emphasis . Dense for students?

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