The Satirical View Of The Great Gatsby English Literature Essay

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The American Dream. The goal to which every American want to reach. It meant everyone no matter who they were, where the came from, or who they were going to be could succeed in life through their skill and hard work. Another word for it was self-made man. The Great Gatsby is a satirical story about the American dream.

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That great James Gatz got lost between Gatsby¿½s passions for Daisy. However, Gatsby was unsuccessful. Daisy did not want to lose her social status and so she stayed with her equally rich husband Tom. Although Gatsby ruined his life by falling in love with Daisy and following his foolish ambitions, it was the same ambition that made the book great. If Fitzgerald had just let Gatsby stay James Gatz then he would have never fallen in love with Daisy, causing him to have no connections with the rest of the characters, and it would take away the romantic and mysterious mood from the story.

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Society is a big part of the book because everything revolves around it. The characters make sure they do not do anything that might jeopardize their social status. Daisy for example, chose Tom over Gatsby because it may have affected the views society had for her. The American Dream is often viewed as elegant and something everyone longed for. However Fitzgerald mocks it by portraying it as unattainable and something to be feared of by placing society as a life goal in a few of his characters.

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