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The Style of Writing . According to the Webster’s New World Dictionary, the definition of style is “a characteristic manner of expression”(612). Usually words such as personal, individual, and unique also come to mind when we think of writing style. I have always associated writing style with belonging uniquely to one individual, meaning that everyone had his or her own style. After reading, “ Style Toward Clarity and Grace” by Joseph Williams and “The Elements of Style ” by William Strunk and E.B.

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When we take in to consideration our own requests as readers then we begin to see the requirements of being good writers. After reading these style manuals and the blogs written on this subject, I have come to the conclusion that although style is not something that we uniquely create, style insists on a personality. I say this because the number of words we know is finite but the process of creating new sentences is infinite. This means that generally we do not repeat the same sentence but instead construct new ones. Creating new sentences requires knowledge of words and phrases and that exact knowledge is unique.

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For the most part, however, we all adhere to the same grammatical rules and suggestions even if in different ways and circumstances. Any two writers will have different approaches and attitudes that show through in their writing, even when addressing the same subject material and the same intended audience, but they will both rely on the rules to get that point across. Style in writing is an important issue that all writers deal with at one point or another. This is why books such as those written by Strunk and White and Williams are so popular. While many of the techniques and suggestions differ, there is one thing for certain and that is that style, along with everything else, will continue to change over time.

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