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When news of K-12 curriculum spread 2 years ago, the common knee jerk reaction of Filipinos was of contempt—K-12 curriculum has just been prejudged as an ill-timed unnecessary additional expense. They can’t be blamed. The sound economic fundamentals were not really being cascaded to the grassroots level.

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This means the child’s adjustment, as far as language is concerned, won’t be difficult. Moreover, it’s easier for students to grasp the concepts as they learn in their mother tongue. As I read this part of the article, what came to my mind was an English and Filipino class where mother tongue is translated to English and Filipino.

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As the article stated, the K-12 graduate will be equipped with (1)information, media and technology skills, (2)learning and innovation skills, (3)effective communication skills, and above all, (4)life and career skills. These are exciting times. The implementation of the K-12 curriculum in the Philippines is not of ill timing; it is long overdue.

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