The Two Occasions on Which Joe Rose and Jed Parry Meet

...Start of the The Two Occasions on Which Joe Rose and Jed Parry Meet ...

From the beginning of Chapter 2 to the end of Chapter seven the reader will go through a complete opinion change of both Joe Rose and Jed Parry. In Chapter 2, it appears that Joe has an interest in both Parry and a self-love for himself; however, there are signs of the growing love that Jed has for Joe. A very obvious difference between the two chapters is how different the situation is and therefore Jed and Joe’s mental states.

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In this chapter too it is apparent that the two men have very different objectives. Joe was interested in John Logan and what had happened to him but Jed, ‘was more interested in me {Joe}.’ . In Chapter 2 Joe is very descriptive about Jed, ‘He wore jeans and box-fresh trainers tied with red laces.’ The reader interprets this fine detail into an interest for Jed.

...End of the The Two Occasions on Which Joe Rose and Jed Parry Meet ...

This kindness clearly fuelled Jed’s love but Joe could not have foreseen this. In Chapter 2 there is also a sense that Joe ‘loves’ himself, ‘I read the fractional widening of the young man’s eyes as respect. It was what I felt for myself anyway’, and perhaps this is what the ‘timid’ Jed finds so endearing about Joe to start with.

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