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The Use and Purpose of the Guidelines At the Faculty of Technology, there are five different guidelines for writing theses: guideline for bachelor’s degree in business studies, guideline for bachelor’s degree in technology, guideline for master’s degree in business studies, guideline for master’s degree in technology, and general writing guideline for the Faculty of Technology. The guidelines for specific degrees contain instructions for the structure, printing and submitting of the theses. The general writing guideline contains information about the formatting of text and the use of sources and references. The student is required to use two of these guidelines, 1) general writing guideline for the Faculty of Technology and 2) guideline for appropriate degree.

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If the reason for failing is related to problems in the language, the student must contact the examiner responsible for evaluating the language of the essay. Publicity All theses are public documents. According to the Act on the Openness of Government Activities (621/1999), official documents shall be in the public domain, unless specifically otherwise provided by the law. A master’s thesis becomes public when it has been officially approved. With commissioned theses, the commissioner may demand that a thesis or parts of it have to remain non-public in order to protect business or professional secrets.

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No significant flaws in dealing with the subject; study produces clear results Good theoretical knowledge; no significant flaws in use of source materials 2 Inconsistencies or clear mistakes; results are difficult to interpret Satisfactory theoretical knowledge; use of source materials is rather limited; flaws in criticism of source materials Confusing and difficult to follow; several inconsistencies and mistakes; results are questionable Sufficient familiarity with the subject; theoretical knowledge is limited; number of source materials is limited (often mainly Finnish sources).

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Thesis writing guide Essay

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