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Introduction One of the most common topics that are being talked about aside from the economic and political issues is environmental issue. Solid Waste is one of the most widely known problems that the earth is encountering. It is not just a problem in this country but also to other countries as well. There are a lot of studies and invention created to solve the environmental issues, specifically the waste management problem. Solid waste problem is the number one cause of today’s issues and destruction of ecosystem. People can be ill by exposing themselves to hazardous waste in the environment; many of these are linked to environmental problems such as expose to mosquitoes, polluted drinking water and poor waste disposal. The need for solid waste management is now a growing problem due to continuous increase in population and industrial production. Philippine homes, businesses and industry generate millions of tons of solid waste annually.

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The nation’s supervision towards the end of this mounting dilemma is to build biosphere facility sites to every municipality nationwide, facilities which diminish waste to generate green energy. This is a project of TGEG – SBSC, a joint venture to every local government officials in achieving a zero waste society. Sindalan, San Fernando Pampanga is one of the few municipalities in the Philippines that established their own recycling facility. Say the opposite ,the City of Pines, Baguio City. The used to be cleanest and greenest city in the Philippines now stinks because of their unwanted garbage problem. The city of pines is experiencing this major destitution because of landfill deprivation. They are even experiencing fund draining due to the transport or garbage of every municipality. Hauling of their waste to other cities have caused them subsidize financial support. According to Kets (2011), industrial waste is one issue that is a big concern for waste management in Australia and specialised environmental services have the ability to provide complete management solutions for industrial clients.

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Descriptive comparative method is intended to figure out the basic answer towards causality aspect by analyzing the factors that causes certain phenomenon Nazir (2006). Further, Roberts (2006) states that a comparative method is the quickest way to get at the essence of one thing is to compare it with something else that is similar. The Research Environment . The research environment will be the 89 different baranggays (urban and rural) of Cabanatuan City. (See Appendix A) Sources of Data The sources of data that will be used in this study are the selected respondents from different baranggays of Cabanatuan city where the program is being implemented. The researcher also utilized as respondent the City Solid Waste Management Board (CSWMB). The respondents of the study will be the Baranggay Captain of each baranggays and their Solid Waste Management Committee. This means that the respondents were fully represented by people who could rightfully become source of valid information concerning the research questions at hand.

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