Things Fall Apart and the Case Against Imperialism Essay

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Achebe begins the novel with an elaborate description of the central character Okonkwo. What do we learn about the values of Umuofians through this characterization? Discuss Okonkwo as an Igbo heroic character: how does he work to achieve greatness as defined by his culture? How does he differ from Western heroes? What are Okonkwo’s strengths and weaknesses?

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Compare Okonkwo’s feelings to Nwoye’s affection for Ikemefuna. Why does Okonkwo act as he does, despite the advice of others not to participate in the killing of Ikemefuna? Why is Okonkwo disappointed with his son Nwoye? What values does Okonkwo associate with manliness? How does Nwoye relate to these values?

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What do you interpret from this to be his perception of Okonkwo and the people of Umuofia? What role does religion play in the downfall of Umuofia? Discuss Mr. Brown and Mr. Smith’s methods of evangelization. Critics have suggested that Things Fall Apart has a universal appeal. Explain your answer with examples from the text.

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