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Title: The title of the novel is Things Fall Apart. The title gives foreshadowing details of the book. Things falling apart is a common theme through the entire novel. At the beginning, Okonkwo is the one of the most famous in his village because he threw “The Cat” in wrestling. Though, at the end Okonkwo commits the worst disgrace possible, he kills himself.

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Reverend James Smith, very mean and strict replacement for Mr. Brown. He causes much grief throughout the village and causes many problems with the people of Umuofia. Okonkwo kills himself because of Smith’s actions. The District Commissioner, he appears at the end of the novel and doesn’t really know about the customs of the people. He summarizes the entire novel from a westerner’s point-of-view.

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Even though we are in separate countries, environments and times, we still have the same human elements, like emotions, in common. Chinua Achebe: . Chinua Achebe: . Chinua Achebe: . Chinua Achebe: .

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