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The word TOURISM refers tour which is derived from the Latin word “TORNUS” . It means a tool for describing a circle of turner’s wheel (Bhatia, 2002). It is very important pleasure activity where tourists travel from one to another countries and one region to another region as well.And Tourism also involves money for getting services and time.So, it basically result for temporary visit or move from their place to other places.Therefore facilities provided to visitors to satisfy their wants and needs come in tourism activity. Tourism is increasing expanding activity in national or international level.So nowdays it has become serious concerns for any national. Nepal is a very small and natural beautiful country where almost 82 percent people are engaged in agriculture even though the agriculture sectors contribute only 55 percent on the gross domestic product and 50% of the total export.

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Pashupatinath temple is the one of the biggest temple for Hinduism which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The non- hindus are not allowed to enter in the compound of temple but they can have good view of whole complex from the higher vantage point. Thousands of devotees gather in the mahashivaratri festival ( born day of Lord Shiva) from other countries as well. Nagarkot : Among all the places of viewing mountains in the kathmandu, Nagarkot is always considered as best place, which is located in 32km east of kathmandu. These world’s highest Mountains can be seen from Nagarkot: Mountain Everest (8850m), Manaslu (8463m),Langtang (7246) and Ganesh Himal (7111m).

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Widows and singles sometimes do not travel because of the lack of travelling companions. (e) Lack of interest : This is also major concerns challenges for Kathmandu’s Hotel. Some people they do not have interest to travel, they only like to work and stay home. (f) Fear and Safety : Nowadays It has become main reason not to visit in Nepal, that is fear and safety. War in country, fighting, kidnapping and negative publicity of country or place can be create fear in the mind of travelers, like plane high jacking, violence in airport, bomb blasting.

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