Uses of Recycled Water in Horticulture Essay

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There are numerous reasons of recycling, including cost saving, extended landfill span, resource conservation, energy conservation, economic development, pollution prevention and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. In recent years environmental benefits of recycling have become a major component of waste management programme. What is recycled water? Water recycling is a generic term for water reclamation and reuse, where the resulting water is referred to as recycled water. This term will be used throughout this document, but you might also  find a number of other terms used in the water industry.

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Recycled water can be used for just about anything, as long as it is treated to a level to make it fit for the intended purpose, from a health and environmental perspective (Figure 3) . However, the cost of treatment may make reclamation uneconomical for some uses. Australia now has more than 580 different recycled water schemes operating, which use approximately 167 GL/year. The bulk of these schemes involve: • Urban and municipal environments • Households, golf courses and recreational parks. • Industry • Washing and cooling in power stations and mills.

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Horticulturists work to improve crop yield, quality, nutritional value, and resistance to insects, diseases, and environmental stresses. The word horticulture is a 17th century English adaptation of the Latin: hortus (garden) + cultura (culture)), it is the culture or growing of garden plants. Horticulture as classically defined is the subdivision of agriculture dealing in gardening: in contrast to agronomy which deals with field crops and the production of grains and forage, and forestry which deals with forest trees and products related to them. How is recycled water defined? Recycled water is defined as water that has been treated to a ‘fit for purpose’ standard for a specific application.

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