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A warehouse management system, or WMS, is a key part of the supply chain and primarily aims to control the movement and storage of materials within a warehouse and process the associated transactions, including shipping, receiving, put away and picking. The objective of a warehouse management system is to provide a set of computerized procedures to handle the receipt of stock and returns into a warehouse facility, model and manage the logical representation of the physical storage facilities (e.g. racking etc), manage the stock within the facility and enable a seamless link to order processing and logistics management in order to pick, pack and ship product out of the facility. .. Warehousing roots go back to the creation of granaries to store food, which was historically available for purchase during times of famine. As European explorers began to create shipping-trade routes with other nations, warehouses grew in importance for the storage of products and commodities from afar. Ports were the major location for warehouses. As railroads began to expand travel and transportation, the creation of rail depots for the storage of materials became necessary. World War II impacted warehousing in several ways, including the need to increase the size of warehouses and the need for more mechanized methods of storing and retrieving the products and materials.

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Whenever any offence is committed by a company under this Act, every person who was present at the time when the offence was committed shall be liable for the punishment accordingly. .. Central warehousing Corporation (CWC) tries to implement the best practices in the field of logistics and warehousing in India. Warehousing accounts for 20% of domestic logistics industry. Thus even a 1% reduction in warehousing cost could have a significant positive impact on the national economy. In designing a warehouse, due attention should be given on how to pick best orders, how to plan the pickup time, how to use sales data to plan the product line, etc. Lay outing is therefore an important aspect of a warehouse design. Automation and modern equipment will make warehouses more efficient. Sun City and Sri City. .. We are mentioning a few domestic and international players who are providing warehouse management services.

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Warehouses should not just stock goods. It should also equip itself to receive goods, break shipments, and prepare for shipments. Warehousing industry is hampered by lack of capital and sufficient funding options are not available. Hence government should consider introducing tax holidays that might attract private equity players to the industry. The industry players will also do well to get listed on the secondary markets. Also the government should consider granting industry status to warehousing, which will improve the funding prospects. The bigger challenge for the industry would be to bridge the skill gap. This is because the major part of the industry is unorganized and there is deficit of industrial skills development centers in the country.

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