Water Cost Problem in United States: Expansion and Solution

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Over the past one decade, there has been an immense increase in water usage in United States of America. This is as a result of increasing population, as well as advanced development in industries and settlements, among many other reasons. The steady rise of water usage has conversely increased the cost of water in a number of states, which is now being considered as a looming problem. According to latest research, there is an increased outcry from the public domain, regarding the ever-escalating prices of acquiring water. In respect to this, there should be quick solutions into the matter, or else the nation will be burden with outrageous costs of water. Moreover, it must be understood that increased costs of providing water, leads to adverse water shortage, since few people can only afford it. However, a closer look into this situation increases the puzzle on what is the main reason behind water shortages and pollution. (Grimm, et al, 2008) .

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(Grimm, et al, 2008) . When water becomes scarce due to the aforementioned causes, the public will be forced to brace themselves for tough water prices. For instance, a region like California is experiencing excruciating water prices, due to the drought it is facing. (Seager, 2009) Since it will be costly to supply and fetch for more water due to the shortages, prices will conversely have to go up to cater for extra expenditures. Consequentially, water usage will decrease with the increase in water prices, hence being a serious challenge for America as a nation. .. Water shortages can also be intensified by the unequal distribution of available water over time and space. On the other hand, putting more pressure on the reliable and safe water supply will lead to the government providing water resources unequally. In this case, water resources will have to be distributed in respect to priorities, in order to ensure water reaches more important sectors than others. .. Urbanization normally requires increased water supply so that it can cater for residential purposes.

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Integrated water management for the 21st century: problems and solutions. , (4), 193-202. . Grimm, N. B., Faeth, S. H., Golubiewski, N. E., Redman, C. L., Wu, J., Bai, X., & Briggs, J. M. (2008). Global change and the ecology of cities. , (5864), 756-760. . Seager, R., Tzanova, A., & Nakamura, J. Drought in the Southern United States: causes, variability over the last years, and the potential for future hydroclimate change. , (19), 5021-5045. .

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