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Water is a very sensitive resource in the world and for this reason; it should be well taken care of and conserved. This coastal region exists in a setting whereby many water flows get to reach it. It is located in the ocean coast where it enjoys the great waters from the ocean. This means that many waters from all other upper regions get dispensed into this coastal region. Regions like Los angels, Malibu, Culvery city, Beverly and other upper regions deposit their waters from this place.

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EFFECTS OF WATER POLLUTION This territory attracts tourists from all over the worked and for this reason; its cleanliness is a very important thing. People always swim in the ocean, the fish also live therein. A lot of pollution is responsible for the accumulation of too much bacteria in the water and this is so dangerous for water life. Polluted water also brings in very bad smell because of the terrible mix of materials and chemicals. WAYS OF CURBING WATER POLLUTION Clean water act was developed in 1972 with a vision to have achieved excellent water status by 1980.

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