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In the verge of all the crises faced by the ecosystem, waste, human waste in particular, will finally evolve to a higher level—to saving the world from the emerging water and food crisis. According to the World Health Organization Guidelines for the safe use of wastewater, excreta and greywater (2008), using excreta or faeces, urine, faecal sludge and septage, and grey water or waste water from the kitchen, bath amd laundry, in cultivation of food crops will alleviate the water problem that the world is facing. “Minimizing the negative impacts of excreta and grey water on surface water and groundwater making more efficient use of the nutrient resources that they contain for crop and energy production will directly contribute to environmental sustainability (WHO, n. d. , n. pag. Among the benefits that grey water use can give are reduction of pressure on fresh water resources, reduction of downstream pollution for the discharge of wastes, reduction of potential environmental impacts from various chemicals and there would be a recycling of water and nutrient resources (WHO, n. . The WHO warns, however, that before using excreta or grey water in aid of cultivation, the proper use must be learned so as not to cause negative effects on the plants where it is being applied and health hazards. The WHO suggests the they be used close to their origin for safety purposes.

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Increase in the density of the population will likely cause a higher demand for water because each individual has a need for water. In examination of the world population, it can be seen that some countries have more inhabitants than the others and this discrepancy in the population cause some countries to experience water stress earlier or at a greater level than the others. In fact, as cited earlier, there are 31 countries that are facing water stress since 1995 and the figure will go higher due to the population boom and the ecosystem’s deterioration. In addition to the mentioned causes of water scarcity is the difference in the climate in every region. Some countries have a cooler climate while the others experience warmer weather. It is likely that individuals who are in tropical countries will pose a higher demand for more water to drink, cook, hygiene and cultivate plants than those in cooler places. The global warming experienced worldwide also adds up to the water problem. Global warming, according to time for change (2008), is the observed and projected rise in the average temperature of the atmosphere and oceans. This phenomenon is caused by increased amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere that cause the green house effect and the earth to warm up faster.

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[Accessed 4th April 2008]. Available from World Wide Web: <www. int/entity/globalchange/ecosystems/ecosysbegin. pdf> Damassa, T. Water Scarcity. [Accessed 4th April 2008]. Available from World Wide Web: <http://209. q=cache:BUr7nzfjQnUJ:earthtrends. org/updates/node/73+water +scarcity&hl=tl&ct=clnk&cd=6&gl=ph&client=firefox-a .

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