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What is water scarcity? Water Scarcity can be defined as the lack of access to freshwater to adequate quantities of water for human and or environmental uses. The scarcity of water in Africa has been a severe issue for decades. With over thirty six million people in their population and continuously growing, the scarcity of water is only getting worse. A lot of people in surrounding countries don’t think it’s a problem because it isn’t directly affecting them, which isn’t helping the problem.

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The Makindu children said “For one billion us, the water here is scarce” (pg.213) Fortunately, there are a number of organizations such as The Water Project that are picking up the slack of Kenya’s government, and creating health care services and water solutions for their residents. To sum up my research, all information in which I initially projected was correct. I am now able to answer my research question in which was why is Kenya’s water so scarce? The accumulation of natural disasters, poor country and no freshwater source, Kenya’s problem has become severe. During the duration of this research essay I’ve stated background information, causes and my purpose for my research.

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The Water Project INC, n.d. 18 Oct. 2012. . “Africa Heartwood Project.” Africa Heartwood Project. Andy Jones, 2009. 23 Oct. 2012. .

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