Water Scarcity Problem in UAE

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While the UAE is abundant in the natural resource, Oil, it is currently facing problems regarding water sufficiency. Because of its geographical location, UAE has very small amount of water, with little rain, no rivers and small amount of underground water available. As the population rises, the country faces increasing pressure on its existing natural resources, in this case, water. Millions of people need to be provided with the basic necessities which is costly and leads to shortages. When one looks at the UAE, they may not get the impression of a country stuck in the midst of an economic crisis because of the country’s lavish nature. (Barton, 2013)However, the water problem is a looming issue and has been amplified because of various other problems. The issue of water scarcity in UAE has forced the government to rely on water desalination. The high intake of water by people for household and farming purposes is the main reason for the shortage.

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(Szabo, 2011) The government has also shifted its attention to the development of alternative techniques or methods which will help lower the usage of water. On the government’s part, this is a positive step considering the speed with which the UAE is running out water. The subsidies will provide the farmers with incentives to avoid high usage of water while at the same time the government will investigate alternate resources. These alternatives could be used in the time of shortage and can be implemented in different ways when faced with the situation. The UAE has also been working on the legal complications connected to the water problem. (Szabo, 2011) By establishing water conservation laws, the UAE will be able to manage demand and legally control the use of water across the country. For example, the Abu Dhabi law requires all the drilling contractors to have an authentic drilling license. Such regulations and implementations of law will keep the system monitored and under control. Having these kinds of regulations in this matter is highly considerate because of the risky situation that, not just the UAE is facing but, the whole world is at the threat of water shortage in the coming years.

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