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Wikipedia is an encyclopedia powered by volunteers on the internet. Universal, multilingual and operating on the principle of the wiki, everyone can collaborate immediately. Wikipedia aims to provide free, objective and verifiable content that anyone can edit and improve, without the need to register. All Wikipedia articles are a work in progress that can be changed and improved by anyone. For more information, read the Wikipedia article. Also read a quick summary of how the encyclopedia works. Wikipedia is a project co-founded by Jimmy Wales in January 2001. . A foundation under American law, Wikimedia Foundation, was created on June 20, 2003.

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The CC BY-SA 3.0 license under which all Wikipedia articles are distributed allows everyone to re-use the content of the encyclopedia freely and free of charge as they wish, including for commercial purposes. The user agrees to respect the commitments of CC BY-SA 3.0 both in the certified copies and in the modified versions and must credit the authors of the articles as the source. Neutrality of point of view is an absolutely essential element of the project. The aim of an encyclopedia such as Wikipedia is to provide a coherent body of synthetic knowledge, presented with respect for the neutrality of points of view. As much as possible, any encyclopedic writing, as we understand it, should be careful not to take sides with one point of view or another. Neutrality consists present ideas and facts in a way that appeals to supporters and detractors alike. Of course, it is difficult to reach an agreement 100% of the time; some ideologues will be uncompromising and will seek to impose their own point of view. On Wikipedia, we only seek to follow writing rules that may suit rational people, even if they do not always agree. Wikipedia's policy of neutrality states that we owe it to ourselves to address all the relevant facets of a controversial point, and that the article should in no way state, imply or even imply, that one of the points of view is the one which is correct a priori.

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It hosts the various multilingual Wikimedia free content projects, including Wikipedia. It therefore has no editorial rights on the content offered on the Wikipedia site. The objective of the Wikimedia Foundation is to promote the growth and development of free knowledge dissemination projects based on the principle of the wiki, and to distribute the content publicly and free of charge. The Wikimedia Foundation is funded primarily by user donations various Wikimedia projects. There are also local Wikimedia associations that you can support. For more information, read About Wikimedia. Besides Wikipedia, the Wikimedia Foundation manages a number of complementary projects to Wikipedia. They are also freely licensed and available in many languages.

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