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French Wikipedia is the French language edition of Wikipedia. It was founded on March 23, 2001, two months after the official creation of Wikipedia. It reached one million articles on September 23, 2010, two million articles on July 8, 2018 and had 2,296,653 articles on February 7, 2021. It is in 5th position in number of articles, after editions in English, in cebuano, in Swedish and German. Hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation, it can be viewed as a wiki at, where it is largely editable by visitors. Several ways to consult the encyclopedia exist, such as mirror websites, smartphone applications or a dedicated electronic device. Although consulted and written in large part by French contributors, Wikipedia in French is as international as all the versions of Wikipedia and is not only linked to France alone. Regarding geolocated content, there is a strong geographic dominance located in French-speaking areas, like other linguistic editions for regions where the language is spoken: France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Monaco and Quebec are over-represented.

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only 5% of registered users but still 15% of registered users having edited at least one times since their arrival), which makes Wikipedia in French the 3rd linguistic edition by this criterion after the editions in English (946,644) and German (157,226), and just ahead of that in Spanish (100,512). Of the 287 language editions of Wikipedia, only the English and Spanish editions in February 2015 gained more Wikipedians having edited at least 10 times since their arrival, although the difference in earnings of the English edition compared to the he edition in French is progressing less and less quickly. The eleven main countries of origin of contributions to the Wikipedia online encyclopedia in French during the month of December 2014 are France (76.1%), Belgium (6.3%) , Canada (5.2%), Switzerland (1.7%), Algeria (1.2%), Morocco (1.1%), Spain (0.9%), Germany (0.9%), the United States (0.7%), Tunisia (0.7%) and the United Kingdom (0.6%); all other countries representing 4.7% of contributions. In December 2014 and in France, 81% of contributions were made on the French edition, 14% on the English edition and the remaining 5% on other languages ​​representing less than 1% each . In 2019, French Wikipedia has 425,000 unique categories. The average article in this language version has 18 categories, while the number of unique categories per article is 0.203.

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The administrators are elected from among the contributors who already have several months of participation. As of Sunday February 7, 2021, Wikipedia in French has 159 administrators. The table below presents various statistics on the progress and evolution of Wikipedia in French over time: . The content from Wikipedia in French may be copied and modified subject to the conditions provided by the Creative Commons license - copyright - share alike (CC-BY-SA). Some of the sites reusing Wikipedia content in French are very careful to respect the license, while others use its content illegally, incomplete mandatory notices (author credit, license citation), or by copyrighting the content. In April 2013, the Central Directorate of Internal Intelligence (DCRI) exerted pressure on Rémi Mathis - president of the Wikimedia France association - in order to delete the article "Military radio station of Pierre-sur- Haute ”on Wikipedia in French, citing“ defense secrecy ”. The article, initially deleted and then put back online, benefited from the Streisand effect by becoming one of the most viewed during this period. According to the Oxford Internet Institute, the French-speaking articles Ségolène Royal and unidentified flying object were the most controversial on Wikipedia in French in 2010. .

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