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Explain why it might not always be equitable to judge a written argument, based on whether or not it changed the reader’s opinion about the subject. What should determine whether an argument is well written or not? Writing an argument is not very easy and is sometime a complicated one because it considers the opinion of the writer in a given topic. Though a well written argument sometimes is being accounted when the opinion of the reader is changed about the subject, this is not merely a basis to consider the write up a well written because there are many factors to consider (Kies, 2008). There are different views or basis in order for an argument to be considered a well written one.

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These will be a series of paragraphs that support the thesis statement or the purpose of the writer, with each point occupying one or two paragraphs, depending on the essay’s overall length (Fleischmann & Jones, 2008). After the main body of the essay, the concluding paragraph is next. The concluding paragraph serves as the ending of the essay. All the findings that were done in the body of the essay will be summarized and conclusion will follow. The conclusion will depend on the discussion part which can be found in the body of the essay.

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