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With this fall semester coming to an end, I have been reflecting about my writing skills. Before I took this class, I used to believe that I know how to make a good paper but I was wrong. Writing is one of my weakest skills I have, but this class helped me on how to make a better and well-constructed essay.

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I used symbols, which is one of the literary analysis, as the main idea in the essay. One of the techniques is to make an outline in order to organize my ideas for the essay. It has helped me make a good start and saved me time.

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These skills I have learned in class will surely help me in the future. Moreover, I hope in the future, I will be able to overcome my problem with some of my sentence structure and avoid wordiness. Although this class is challenging, it is still a great class for the students will be able to learn a lot from it especially on how to write a well constructed essay.

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