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When constructing a piece of writing, a student may sometimes find herself struggling to remember grammar rules or style principles. A handy reference guide would help her out immensely. William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White’s book, The Elements of Style, and Joseph Williams’ book, Style: Toward Clarity and Grace, assist writers improve their work in various ways. Strunk and Whites’ book took a simple approach , while Williams went more in-depth, with elaborate explanations and varying choices for each writing style .

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Williams, in a way, picked up where Strunk and White left off. Instead of simply stating a rule, Williams explained it in full detail and described how to adapt it to one’s writing. Just by browsing through the chapter titles, (clarity, cohesion, coherence, concision) one can tell how thorough the book is. Williams states why rules exist and why they are important. He says that “a good ear will serve you better than a flat rule” (Williams 127).

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New York: Longman, . Williams, Joseph. Style: Toward Clarity and Grace. Chicago: The University of . Chicago Press, 1990. .

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